Alongside team skills, leadership skills are critical for young people wanting to make their way in the world.

As part of our cricket programmes we have created young leaders qualifications with Sports Leaders UK. These are designed to help young people develop their leadership skills and vital for boosting their further education and employment.

Role models are also becoming established with participants giving back to the cricket programmes they have directly benefited from. These are people who can inspire participants to follow in their footsteps or encourage and give them the belief that they can achieve something regardless of ability or background.


“Through Super 1s, Sam has made new friends, become a role model, and completed a Level 2 coaching course. With this, Sam can now lead sessions himself, providing him with the chance to become a paid coach; this represents huge progress for someone who believed their disability would stop them from even playing the game just three years ago.”

Mark Bond, Lord’s Taverners Disability Cricket Project Manager